A must-read guide for parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and family friends who want to invest into the financial success of their children.

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How do you raise a financially savvy generation?

  • Learn to apply the simple keys to creating healthy money habits in your household.
  • Discover techniques for establishing supportive boundaries that nurture the development of creative thinking in children.
  • Identify and break unhealthy generational patterns that cause destructive financial behaviour and endless money worries.
  • Explore proven ways to empower your kids to be able to make wise financial choices from an early age.
  • Consider many perspectives so that you can develop your own answer to the question… should I give pocket money?
  • Be inspired with ways to create a safe place for your teenagers so they can learn money skills by planning, implementing and learning from their results.
  • Uncover the secret to your children’s motivation and commitment by helping them set their own financial goals.

Simple wisdom you can teach your kids!


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Teaching Children About Money