In an age where financial literacy is spoken off and yet often misunderstood, “Kids and Money” is a timely and important book. I applaud Phil and Amanda in putting together such a comprehensive and practical guide, which will prove an invaluable resource for parents the world over. If you are looking for tips and insights in how to equip the next generation with wisdom and common sense for their financial future, this book is for you.

Michael McQueen

Social researcher and 3-time bestselling author

We don’t let people drive without a driver’s test, yet we expect our children to head out into the world without the basic financial skills they need.

While Schools are trying to do their best to incorporate Financial Literacy into the ever-crowded curriculum, Phil and Amanda know that there is a direct connection between how we think of money and the values we want our children to embrace.   That teaching needs to begin  in the home.

Kids and Money has been carefully collated combining two expert opinions into one book.  Packed with lots of real life examples, Phil and Amanda, both experts in the field, explain in plain English the steps for any family to begin their journey towards raising financially savvy children.  They start by exploring family values and unfold in plain English what is needed to  raising financially savvy children, and is packed with real life examples and ideas.

Kids and Money is a MUST HAVE for parents of children growing up in the 21st century.

Anita Stokes (Dip T, B.Ed)

Money Coach, Money Medics Ltd

Kids and Money is authentically real, practical and packed with wisdom. Which when applied in a fun and creative family environment, will yield huge results over the lifetime of our precious kids! Having known the Strong family for many years, having shared camping fireplaces and kids Easter treasure hunts, I can personally vouch for the character and credibility of this amazing family – and the journey within its pages that brings this essential manual on success and abundance-thinking to life in rich colour.

Deane Strawbridge. Dad to three, Husband to one. Gold Coast, Australia

A generation of Parents are worried about their children’s financial future. Often that worry is fuelled by their own financial positions and that their children will end up with the same troubles as them.
I also see to many kids have their parents trained to be their personal ATM machine and have no concept about where money comes from or how its managed.
Parents want their kids to have a plan. A sound financial plan with good money habits. And that’s what I like about Phil and Amanda’s book. Its practical and real.
I love how they show parents in practical ways how to teach their kids to stand on their own two legs, to have financial goals and ways of ensuring long term financial money management.

Kevin Mayall

Next Gen Expert

This is a great book on money and finance I wish I had when I was young.  Focusing on credit card debt, budgeting, needs vs wants, goal setting, healthy thinking, being grateful and becoming resourceful, this book is full of excellent tips and examples you can apply immediately.  I am going out to buy a copy each for my two boys, so they will become smart about money when they are older.  This could well be the best investment I ever make!

Tom O’

I loved Phil’s book ‘Becoming Money Wise’ and I took principles and ideas from that into our own home budget including some of his great “kids and money” ideas for my 3 sons (the $1 coins in a zip lock bag for holidays is a favourite of theirs).
Teaching our boys how to manage money, be self sufficient and not make mistakes that we made is a big priority for my husband and I as parents. This new book, ‘Kids and Money’, has great practical tools that we can use to help our kids be equipped and empowered with finances.

Natalie Miller

Kids and Family entertainer/ventriloquist

Educational systems around the world are outdated & broken and New Zealand’s educational system is no different.

It is a sad fact that despite 13 years of supposed “learning” our children come away with zero life skills that they so desperately need to survive and prosper.

One CRUCIAL skill is understanding and learning the art of managing your money & creating wealth. We must shift our focus to financial education and NOT academic education if we are to see our children flourish and add value to their communities and the economy as a whole – let alone the positive benefits it will provide them personally and to their own families.

Whilst the New Zealand Government and educational bodies have implemented some initiatives in the area of Financial Education there is still a gaping hole that needs to be filled so our children and parents can have a resource they can turn to in order to teach & learn this crucial life skill.

Phil Strong is a “beacon of light” in the darkness of financial folly that so many are falling prey to. He is an individual passionate about improving the financial literacy of all New Zealand families.

His latest book Kids & Money is an excellent resource for those parents seeking to allow their children (and themselves) to master this essential life skill .

It should be compulsory reading for every child and on the book shelves of every home and school library throughout New Zealand.”

Anton Nadilo
Author – Budget Wise, Dollar Rich
CEO and Founder –

Parents and family members who read this book will gain plenty of practical and wise tips in the areas of handling money, work ethic, spending, saving, goal setting and giving.

We are already enjoying putting into practice some of the many practical suggestions that have been brought to light in this book by Phil and Amanda. This type of wisdom is seldom taught in schools or elsewhere in the community and it’s great for us parents to be empowered to take up the responsibility for educating our children in the area of money.

Andrew Stroud
Father of Ten

Fun and informative, I caught myself smiling and nodding at Kid’s & Money. I am so grateful to Phil and Amanda for writing such a tremendous and timely tool for parents and their children. This book answers the hard questions about money with the delightful twist of blending the voices from two perspectives. I found the book informative, encouraging, and fun…a balance few authors can achieve.

Stephen K. De Silva

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