Introducing Amanda van der Gulik

Amanda van der Gulik is a home-schooling mom-preneur with a passion for empowering children and teens with money smarts, and empowering people of all ages to follow their passions and to turn them into income. Featured on Radio Disney Seattle, Amanda is highly sought out in the media to help parents with tools and techniques to empower their children. Amanda’s favourite form of teaching children about money is through story-telling and letting kids figure out their own money lessons by getting deeply involved in the money choices made by the characters in her many books and course.

Amanda’s particular love is teaching and working with children and teens to encourage them to be financially free from a young age, so that no matter what each kid’s personal goals in life are, those goals will be achieved without the need to worry about money.

Amanda van der Gulik, along with her husband, Rob van der Gulik, own Clever Dough Kids, a company which is devoted to increasing the financial intelligence of kids everywhere. They also run Clever Dough Cakes, a company which inspires cake decorators to create passive income by using their cake decorating skills, and Clever Dough Properties, a company which creates positive passive income through investing in real estate.

Free Resources for Readers

As you will see in the pages of Kids and Money, Phil and Amanda have loads of resources for you to access to help raise a financially savvy generation.

To access the resources Amanda has for you, please click on the image below and you’ll be taken to a page where Amanda will explain the gifts she has prepared for parents.